Understanding Stock and Initiation Fees

To be a Crestwood Pool Member you must either own valid stock or pay an initiation fee.

Stock can be purchased, if available, for $200.00 (4 shares) for 2 or more persons or for $100.00 (2 shares) for a single person. This is a one time fee!

Advantages- When you no longer want to join the pool you can sell your stock to a member that may want stock to purchase. You can do this by calling the membership secretary so your name can be put on the list of members that want to sell their stock. Once your name is put on that list you won't be charged with the $50.00 inactive membership fee.

Disadvantages- There will be a $50.00 inactive membership fee assessed to any stock member that does not become active during each season. If you are inactive for 4 years or more your stock will have no value and there will be nothing to sell. Once you have put your name on the sale list you must either sell your stock or if you wish to rejoin after being inactive you must pay any applicable assessment fees.

Initiation Fee:
if you don't want to be a stock member or if there is no stock available, you could pay the one time initiation fee. It is $200.00 for 2 or more persons or $100.00 for a single membership.

Advantages: Even if you don't join for several years  you will never pay any assessment fees. It is very easy to upgrade from a single membership to a family membership.

Disadvantage- This is a non-refundable fee and there is nothing to sell back after you no longer want to be a member of Crestwood Pool.

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Crestwood Pool welcomes their members to bring guests in for the day. Guest passes may be purchased in advance for $7 each and are valid for two consecutive seasons. Guests arriving without a pass will be charged $10 for the day and $7 if arriving after 4pm. Guests that are 3 years old or younger are free.

Prospective Members

Existing Members


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Cancellation/Refund Policy:

Memberships purchased prior to May 1st will be refunded in full if a request is made in writing to membership@crestwoodpool.com prior to May 1st.  Memberships purchased on or after May 1st are non-refundable and may not be transferred to another party.

Crestwood Swimming Pool is a private swim club. We offer memberships to individuals as well as entire families.  To become a member you must own valid Crestwood stock or pay an initiation fee.  For a list of stockholders willing to sell their stock call the pool office or contact membership@crestwoodpool.com. 

Annual dues are listed below:
Family: $345.00
Single:  $210.00
Senior Citizen Couple (over 62):  $200.00
Senior Citizen Single (over 62):  $160.00
Adult Living at Home (age 26+):  $160.00
Child Care Pass *:  $100.00

A $50 Clean-up Fee is included in all memberships. This fee will be refunded ONLY when attendance at one of our clean-ups has been fulfilled. Failure to include Clean-up Fee upon registration for the season could jeopardize your membership.

New members do not pay the clean-up fee or the late fee their first year.

* The Child Care Pass must be used in conjunction with another member on the same membership upon entering the pool.

Required Stock or Initiation Fee

2 shares ($100) of stock or initiation fee

4 shares ($200) of stock or initiation fee.

2019 Membership form: